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Hygiene and care

It is essential that you take care of your dog’s fur and skin. It is not necessary to bath them very frequently, but it is recommended to do it around once or twice a month. It is very important to eliminate bad smell, dirt and dead hair during the shedding season. Using a shampoo developed exclusively for dogs is essential. You should finish their bath with a conditioner and a little perfume, comb any hair and he will thank you after. I’m sure you to will benefit from softer hugs and the smell of fruits or vanilla …

For complete care you can use products for cleaning the ears, eyes and protection of the pads.

“We love walking in the rain, Its great seeing him enjoying himself in the puddles and being covered with mud. Knowing that when we get home a warm bath awaits us, one that will leave your dogs hair clean and shiny again”.

Shampoo and conditioner

Ear care, eyes and pads