Eye cleaner

Eye cleaner specially formulated for eye hygiene.
Chamomile extract helps prevent unsightly spots caused by oxidation that occurs around the eyes and tearducts, especially in white-coated animals.


Formula based on natural extracts such as:

  • Fennel extract: Fennel contains antibacterial properties that helps prevent and reduce itching, and they also have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce excess oil on the skin.
  • Extract of hops: Hops contain a high content of antioxidants, giving the coat vitality. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which help with some skin conditions.
  • Melissa Extract: Calming, pH regulating properties and regulating sebaceous secretion.
  • Chamomile extract: Anti-inflammatory properties that calm irritated and sensitive skin.
  • Urea: One of the main functions of urea in the coat, is to activate the skin’s immune system.